Bonia collaborates with iconic sensation Nayeon from global group TWICE, as the brand's ambassador to kickstart its 50th Anniversary celebration. The brand unveils a captivating campaign titled "Daytime Reverie," featuring Nayeon immersed in a dreamy portrayal of her private moments away from the spotlight. The campaign captures the essence of Nayeon's multifaceted personality and emotions, symbolized through four distinct settings within her daydreams.
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A Celebration of Nayeon's Authenticity and Emotion.
"I fell in love with BONIA and their latest range of bags because it gives me a sense of romance and they have a wide variety of styles and design that suit any occasion. I am excited to be their ambassador working closely with them for their full range of collections this year. I hope my fans will love what BONIA and I have worked on together!" said Nayeon in an interview with her. Shop Now→

BONIA's Spring/Summer Collection

The campaign video captures Nayeon adorned in BONIA's signature bags and the latest ready-to-wear collection, each piece carefully curated to resonate with her vibrant personality and individual style. It presents an intimate portrayal of Nayeon's whimsical daydream world.