Strutting down the walk while enjoying the view of the beach and the city nearby requires a comfy pairs of shoes with the right attitude. Regardless of what is your style, there is always something from ISOLE Spring Summer 2020 that may fit your needs and criteria. Either you are the classic girl, sporty and casual vibes, edgy and fashionable, the offering this collections is limitless. The versatile design in this collection makes it possible for mix and match particularly on your travel outfit.
The best option to accompany your trip is definitely on the comfort of the flats shoes. You can also consider sliding in into stylish sandal to make sure to look are always on point. For those with adventurous trip, consider the sneakers with holographic detailing that highlighted the edginess in your style yet still practical. Selection of ballet flats make is it possible to pack it in your suitcase. For more relaxed looks, take a picks from mules flat that we are offering.
Mid Heel
Keep it stylish throughout the trip with selection of mid heels. With modern and contemporary looks, either you’re in the city or at the seaside, your ootd shots will be perfect accompanied by this range. Choose monogram design as a perfect pair to your classic flowy dress or plain and colourful to accompany your floral beach dress alongside those fun straw hats.
Definitely a must for the party night out. Chunky embellished heels definitely the best pick with clean and sleek design that makes it not only suitable for your travelling also stylish to be used day to day. Keep it simple yet a little details accentuate the whole look by selecting pieces we are offering.


Sporty and functional is definitely the criteria we are looking when choosing our sneakers. Bonia is offering selections that not only fits this criteria, it is also beauty to look at. With the iridescent detailing, it created the feel of luxury and glossy. Athleisure look is definitely in this season and worth to be carry to your next escapade.