The salty sea air. The wind gushes in your face. The warm sunlight gleaming through the day. The glistening cerulean waters off Mediterranean/Italian shores. Mysteries of the ocean that remain vast and deep. Your sea-venture begins with BONIA ISOLE SPRING SUMMER 2020! Carefree, un-apologetic yet meticulously modern, the brand new collection sees BONIA men and women venturing into hidden coves and exploring unknown islands in Italy - an exuberant extension of BONIA's lifelong love affair with the ocean and life within.

The BONIA ISOLE SPRING SUMMER 2020 Collection also marks the brand's 45th anniversary as an international luxury brand and leading leather specialist, serving quality craftsmanship and design. With an array of leather and vinyl goods for both men and women, the new collection offers a variety of products from waist pouches, sling bags, hand-held satchels to camera bags and larger backpacks.

Aptly translated from Italian for 'island', the collection pays tribute to the spectrum of colours we find at sea; a harmony of deep blue-green hues that contrast against vibrant yellows and makes a home in between earthy tones that further accentuate the collection's designs.