The Adjani: A Bag Like No Other

At BONIA, our designers are always striving to create pieces that possess a completely unique character without compromising quality or functionality. With the new Adjani shoulder bag, they have outdone themselves. Drawing inspiration from a plethora of cultural touchpoints, Adjani is unlike any other handbag.


Let’s start with the shape. The Adjani’s leather body has been crafted to curve upwards into an arch. Taking cues from BONIA’s roots in Penang, these contours resemble a certain Nyonya lunch box design from the past. 

Then there’s the eye-catching highlight – the ruffle strap! On the shoulder, the adorable strap becomes an extension of any outfit and takes on a whole new life. Together with Adjani’s beautiful curvature, the handbag echoes shelled carvings and sculptural flowers that appear on Tuscan pillars. 

With a design that charts BONIA’s rich heritage in both Malaysia and Italy, Adjani is well on its way to becoming a future classic. Now available in black, white, or one of three pastel colours, it’s the perfect choice for your next daily carry.