The emblem of BONIA’s neu direction.

The inspiration for our ‘neu-B’ logo came from the time of the brand’s inception. It pays tribute to our founder’s love for Italy, the renaissance era and famed historical sculptor Giambalogna. All these three can be seen in the font used which bears characteristics of wrought-iron- typical of the renaissance era- reimagined with contemporary finesse.

The Two Bs are interlaced, one bigger than the other which gives the illusion of expansion; an attribute emblematic of the brand’s willingness to progress into new exciting territories while keeping rooted in its history and heritage.
Modernism encapsulated by tradition.
The Neu Romantic collection simultaneously looks outwards into the future and inward to our past. Parallel discoveries made on both fronts define the designs of the collection right down to the minute details. 

Patterns, textures and materials choices take cues from contemporary ideas while the canvas in which they inhabit is informed by traditional ideals- it is a marriage of heritage and the will to embrace new frontiers.

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