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Chinese New Year 2024: Pearly Blessings

Where the joy of elegance illuminates endlessly
Step into a world where opulence meets tradition. Pearly Blessings is about immersing yourself in the glow of gold this Chinese New Year — signifying the richness of the season and its timeless beauty.

Chinese New Year Style Guide

Adorned with pearls, this exquisite collection of bags, shoes, and ready-to-wear is a testament to precious oriental treasures. Discover lovely pairings that embody prosperity and fortune on this luminous occasion.

Seasonal Red Packets

BONIA's Exclusive Chinese New Year Packet
Get your hands on exclusive BONIA red packets. Available for orders above $200.

Chinese Zodiac Affair

Embark on a journey of self-discovery in 2024 with our Chinese New Year guide, influenced by Joey Yap's Expertise. Explore the wisdom of astrology and Feng Shui to reveal your personal fortunes in the Year of the Dragon. Unlock a prosperous year ahead, unveil an Exclusive Promo Code for special insights, and seize the opportunity to claim rewards up to $68 just waiting for you!